Aaron and Jaime Pridgeon: We are proud of the work of PEPA/NGO, Today we are a happy and proud family because of PEPA, They are doing a great job to help many orphaned and vulnerable children in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda, Live Long

Texas, United States.


Refugees (Sport soccer team) from Congo, Rwanda, South Sudan, Somalia,Burundi,, view this Youtube: We are happy today because of PEPA/Organization supporting us and giving us opportunity to develop our telents

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=APtCaSgFDUQ&t=6s ,  (Kampala, Uganda)


Mathieu: I’m going to tell you how I felt and what I heard when I talked with Apollinaire Zagabe who is a person who started a NGO charity to help orphans and elderly people. One thing I felt is proud since I talked to someone who does great things like that.

Something I heard is that his family was killed and was an orphan and that’s why he started his charity because he doesn’t want kids to go through what he went through.

Something else I heard is that helped about 200 orphans with his organization.

Additionally, I learned that if children can’t go to school they do nothing all day but some kids play sports all day. Finally. it was interesting to me that he saw mountain gorillas and all the other interesting animals at Virunga National Park. These are the five details about how I felt and what I heard when I talked with Apollinaire ZagabeBy Mathieu, USA- ARIZONA

Melissa Duarte-Gonzalez : Apolliniare Zagabe is a man that started an NGO for orphans that can lose their lives of hunger if they don’t have any food or if they don’t have a home. A.Z. was a wonderful man I have met across the world. When he said something sad I felt his pain. I feel that the world could change with that man!  Even though we are not very close I feel proud of him to make an NGO for orphans that can lose their lives. If his NGO goes on until I’m older I’ll volunteer for sure. By Melissa Duarte-Gonzalez, USA- 



Karla: We Skyped with Appolinare  Zagabe, who started a NGO in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The things that were interesting to me were when he said he saw Mt. Gorillas at Virunga National Park. Another thing that was interesting to me was when he had said he was inspired to create his organization. Something that I learned was when he was a little kid his parents died and an organization had saved him. This inspired him to create his own organization! Something else that I learned was when he said that he has helped save 10 children from his country get adopted and helped hundreds more. I want to save children and other people just like Appolinaire is. By Karla, USA

Omar: I think talking to Apollinaire inspired me. Apollinaire was straightforward with us and told us some personal stuff.He told us that his family died at 2yrs old. He was a farmer when he was 7yrs old. It was just amazing talking to a guy half way around the world and who has went through all this trouble and still runs an NGO.
 by Omar from Tucson, Arizona- USA